Is Adam Schiff Gay?

Since time immemorial, digging up dirt on politicians and funding conspiracy theories has effectively turned the tide in favor of either party. Critics of the U.S. Representative for California’s 28th Congressional District, Adam Schiff, recently fast-paced a coordinated attack on the politician’s sexual identity.

Some Netizens were fast to jump onto the bandwagon that their favorite delegate might be gay, while others were a bit skeptical of the news. If you don’t know which side to believe, why not take our word for it on our breakdown of Adam Schiff’s gay news?

Adam Schiff is not Gay.

News of Adam Schiff being gay surfaced back in 2018 through a now-deleted Facebook post. It became a topic of discussion after a Twitter user picked it up, causing a stir on the social network. The report claims he used taxpayers’ hard-earned money to reach a sexual harassment settlement that involved a 19-year-old male back in 2013.

The validity of the rumor was questionable, with its source traced back to congressional reports. As it turns out, it was all but a smear campaign focused on crippling his campaign efforts.0

Adam is married to his wife, Eve Schiff.

The other apparent reason to disqualify Adam Schiff as a gay man is his happy marriage to his beautiful wife, Eve Schiff. As an avid lawn tennis ballplayer, he met his wife at a tennis court in Marina del Rey in 1990. They were a match made in heaven, considering their names. Five years later, after she ‘played ball’ and accepted his marriage proposal. In February 1995, the couple exchanged their unbreakable vows that have lasted well over 25 years.

They were also overjoyed with bringing two kids into this world named Alexa Marion and Elijah Schiff. Lexi recently graduated from Northwestern University after majoring in English and Literature. Her younger brother recently graduated from high school and is set to join Caltech as his college preference.

Some of their friends joked about naming their kids Cain and Abel from the Biblical characters, but they never followed through. The family raised their kids in California up until Adam’s appointment in the office. As a result, Eve moved to Washington to be closer to him.

Image of the current chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff and his wife
The current chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff, and his wife, Eve Schiff

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