Kindig-It Lawsuit: Details and Updates

Kindig It Lawsuit

Kindig-It Designs is an automobile restoration, fabrication and customization workshop in Utah. The workshop was established by Dave Kindig and his spouse, Charity Kindig, in 1999. And at present, the workshop has over 10 members, including Dave and Charity’s children as well. Kindig-It Designs has also gained recognition over the world as it has been … Read more

Jamie Davis Accident: Why he had to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer.

Traditionally the one who extends help to people following an accident, Jamie Davis found himself at the epicenter of one such incident this past weekend. The renowned star of “Highway Thru Hell” was involved in a multi-vehicle collision during the early hours of Sunday morning, as confirmed by the show in an official statement. The … Read more

Ted Cruz Net Worth, Education, Height, Family

Image of the Texas senator, Ted Cruz

The United States of America is the leading nation with cases of accelerating progress on racial equity and ethnic minority inclusion. It is for that reason that they have diversity in their leadership, with one being Texas state senator Ted Cruz. However, some went ahead and revoked his eligibility to lead owing to his somewhat … Read more

Ted Cruz’s Wife Heidi Cruz Net Worth, Children, Wiki

Image of a successful lawyer's wife, Heidi Cruz and Ted Cruz

Most presidential aspirants complement their political rallies by tagging their spouses along to humanize them. If you’ve been following the presidential debates in the past, you’ve probably heard of Ted Cruz, a Republican politician. But how well do you know Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz? Despite being overshadowed by her husband’s status and fame, did … Read more

Mark Levin’s Wife Julie Prince, Ex-Wife and Kids

Image of a renowned attorney, Mark Levin and his wife, Julie Prince

If you’ve never heard of Mark Levin and his endless rants on politics, then you’re probably living under a rock. He’s a worldwide syndicated radio host, author, television personality, conservative, and attorney who served during former President Ronald Reagan’s administration. However, we’re not going to dive into the man but instead highlight everything there is … Read more

Is Sidney Powell Married to her husband? Net Worth

Image of Lawyer, Sidney Powell

The Trump administration put up a good fight in its last kicks to secure the then-president’s second term. A conspiracy theorist and appellate lawyer, Sidney Powell were at the forefront of the battle, pushing forward vote-rigging allegations. While Powell never made it to the inner circle at the final draft, her publicity left many questioning … Read more