Mark Levin’s Wife Julie Prince, Ex-Wife and Kids

If you’ve never heard of Mark Levin and his endless rants on politics, then you’re probably living under a rock. He’s a worldwide syndicated radio host, author, television personality, conservative, and attorney who served during former President Ronald Reagan’s administration.

However, we’re not going to dive into the man but instead highlight everything there is to know about Mark Levin’s wife, Julie Prince. If you stick around till the end, you might even get to know his past love life, featuring his ex-wife and kids.

Mark Levin’s marriage to his wife, Julie Prince

Before we get started, let’s quickly get this out of the way. There seems to be some confusion between Mark Levin’s wife, Julie Prince, and an attorney named Julie Strauss Levin. This is partly due to the secrecy surrounding his personal life. However, they are both one and the same person.

Image of a renowned attorney,Mark Levin and his wife
A successful attorney couple, Mark Levin and his wife, Julie Prince

The radio host first introduced Julie as his fiancé back in 2016 through a series of defensive rants against the United States Senator Ted Cruz. About a year later, in August 2017, he revealed his wife through a Facebook post with an Israeli politician named Natan Sharansky. At the time, no one believed it, with one fan questioning him on Twitter when he divorced, let alone marrying a second time.

Though the details remain sketchy, we believe that the couple got married sometime between 2016 and 2017. Unlike his previous wife, Mark has shared a lot of pictures of his wife on social media. She even attended the Conservative Political Action Conference beside him back in 2018. Rumor has it that she was also previously married with a son.

Who is Mark Levin’s Wife Julie Prince?

Mark Levin’s wife’s wiki-bio and work portfolio are just as impressive as his. Julie Prince also identifies as an American attorney for intellectual property. She is vastly experienced working for both profit and non-profits organizations such as the United States Olympic Committee.

According to her resume, she once served as the General Counsel of Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce. She was also available to provide their Action Fund branch with legal counsel in political law, regulatory compliance, employment, and many more. Mark Levin’s wife was once the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Feld Entertainment.

Recently, she rose ranks after getting appointed as part of the board on the U.S Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. This title also complements her other career role as part of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board.

Mark Levin’s Children

The radio host currently has two children who are practically adults named Lauren and Chase Levin. Lauren, as the older daughter, is currently aged 33, whereas Chase is 31 years old. The latter graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He currently works as a director at CRTV, LLC and, like his father, is very private about his personal life.

On the other hand, Lauren Levin is also a talented singer with one hit song played on her father’s radio show. Mark can be very protective of his family and rarely lets out any information about them. A case in point is the one time he got defensive over a source who tried linking his wife, Julie’s son, with Ted Cruz. You can read all about how he lost his cool here.

Mark Levin’s Ex-Wife Kendall Levin

For about two decades, Mark Levin lived a blissful life in Loudoun County, Virginia, with his ex-wife, Kendall Levin. The pair apparently shared their wedding vows on August 24th, 1985, before their untimely divorce on March 18th, 2010. No one knows the reason for their split nor Kendall Levin’s story. This is partly due to her non-existent presence on social media.

For someone married to an influential person, Kendall Levin was quite the opposite. She knew how to lay low and avoid the eyes of the public. Some sources say she was an actress and philanthropist after wrongly linking her to a much younger actress also named Kendall Levin. What we do know, however, is that she is a dog lover.

Back when they were still married, Kendall convinced her husband to adopt two dogs named Pepsi and Sprite from a local shelter in 2004. Since the divorce, however, her stardom has dimmed as no one knows what she’s up to these days.

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