Ted Cruz Net Worth, Education, Height, Family

The United States of America is the leading nation with cases of accelerating progress on racial equity and ethnic minority inclusion. It is for that reason that they have diversity in their leadership, with one being Texas state senator Ted Cruz.

However, some went ahead and revoked his eligibility to lead owing to his somewhat confusing Canadian citizenship. If you’re just as ill-informed about the Texas senator’s origins, then this article breaks it all down to Ted Cruz’s net worth, education, family, height, and other interesting facts.

Ted Cruz Education and Early Life

Even though most people know the Texas senator as Ted, he was born with a different name. As a Latino, he was born Rafael Edward Cruz on December 22nd, 1970, in Calgary, Canada. He only adopted the name Ted while in junior high. Cruz is part Latino from his father’s side and Irish-Italian from his mother’s side.

Growing up in a broken home, his family moved back and forth from Canada to Texas. While here, the Texas senator attended Faith West Academy and Second Baptist High School in Houston. He graduated from the latter as valedictorian in 1988 and went on to Princeton University.

By 1992, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in public policy and moved to Harvard University for his law career. Cruz graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 1995, having served as an editor of the Harvard Law Review and the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.

Ted Cruz Net Worth and Income Sources

Like most politicians, Ted Cruz earns a substantial amount as salary for his role as Texas Senator. Sources have pinpointed that the figure comes down to roughly $174K each year which builds up his net worth. Considering he has held the seat for almost a decade now, his earnings must be huge.

However, if you know anything about elections, it’s that they are expensive to fund, and his salary can’t keep up. Additionally, his lifestyle as an influential person is also one that’s very demanding financially. As a result, a huge chunk of Ted Cruz’s net worth stems from his career as an attorney.

What started as clerking gig went on to grow into representing high-profile cases in court. These include the National Rifle Association as well as Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial that paid him well.

Additionally, the Texas senator is also an investor and entrepreneur. Most of his assets are valued in shares in stocks and bonds. Similarly, he owns a law firm with a retirement plan and often draws money from other mutual funds. In total, Ted Cruz’s net worth is estimated at well over $4 million.

Ted Cruz Height and Weight

The 50-year old Texas Senator stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches or 177cm tall. The height complements his body measurements of 42-30-37 inches while weighing about 149lbs.

Family and Parents

Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz Snr., was an immigrant from Cuba who had fled the country in fear of the Batista regime. He moved to the U.S. to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Programming at the University of Texas at Austin. While here, he met Ted’s mother, Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson, and married her. However, upon completion of his education, he sorted political asylum and relocated to Canada for work.

Despite being born in America, Eleanor traces her roots back to Ireland and Italy from her parents. She was born in Wilmington, Delaware, and like her husband, she earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Unlike Ted’s dad, however, she earned hers from Rice University, Texas. For three years, the family lived in Canada as both parents worked for an oil mining company.

Image of successful Senator, Ted Cruz and his father
A successful Senator family, Ted Cruz, with his father, Rafael Cruz Snr.

Sadly, his parents separated, leaving him in the care of his mother while his dad moved back to Texas. Despite her mother’s efforts to reconcile with Cruz Snr. by moving the entire family back to America, they finalized their divorce in 1997. This left Ted with dual citizenship, a controversial topic to which he relies on his mother’s U.S. citizenship at the time of conception.

Ted Cruz Siblings

If that’s complicated for you, wait till you hear about his siblings. Before Rafael Cruz Snr. the surname Wilson in Eleanor’s name stems from her previous marriage to a London native named Alan Wilson. At the time, she went with the name Eleanor Darragh Wilson and sired a son named Michael Wilson, Ted Cruz’s half-brother.

Similarly, before Eleanor, Rafael Cruz Snr. was also previously married and had two girls, Miriam Ceferina and Roxana Lourdes Cruz. Both were about nine years older than Ted and maintained a special bond with the Texas senator as a toddler. Miriam worked at a well-paying office job but succumbed in 2011 to a drug overdose after a long battle with addiction.


Ted Cruz identifies as a conservative politician, broadcaster, journalist, and American investor/attorney for the state of Texas. As a Republican, he is known for his controversial and smear rants against Democratic candidates. Nonetheless, he sometimes differs with his party and withholds endorsing them. We witnessed this rundown back in 2016 when he lost the Republican presidential nomination to Trump.

Upon defeat, he recollected himself for re-election to the United States Senate and represented Texas. Cruz is one of four Latino senators whose current term in the Senate office expires on January 3rd, 2025. But, how did he come to so much power?

Upon graduation from Varsity, he got a job as a law clerk for former chief justice William Rehnquist from 1995 to 2003. For one thing, the people love him, owing to his decade-long servitude to the state. While in practice, Ted Cruz slowly found his way into politics by serving as a solicitor general for Texas from 2003 to 2008. Shortly after, in 2013, he became the U.S Senator for Texas, a highly contested seat he has won several times over.

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