Ted Cruz’s Wife Heidi Cruz Net Worth, Children, Wiki

Most presidential aspirants complement their political rallies by tagging their spouses along to humanize them. If you’ve been following the presidential debates in the past, you’ve probably heard of Ted Cruz, a Republican politician. But how well do you know Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz?

Despite being overshadowed by her husband’s status and fame, did you know that she has been the sole provider for the family for years? For more interesting facts on Heidi Cruz’s net worth, wiki, marriage, and children, be sure to read till the end.

Who is Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz?

Heidi Cruz is an American economics major and currently the managing director for Goldman Sachs. She’s also tinkered with politics, having worked for former President George W Bush’s administration. She began her career upon graduation as the economic policy director while Bush was campaigning for the presidency back in 2000.

Upon his election into the White House, Heidi’s position was elevated to the director of the Latin America desk at the Treasury department. Despite having no inclination towards having a second language, she taught herself Spanish while also working for the National Security Council. The journey towards an enlightened career saw her working for JPMorgan Chase and Merrill Lynch.

She eventually wound up in the hornet’s nest in political campaigning and sometimes even fighting her husband’s battles. Despite losing to Donald Trump back in 2016, she still remains unshaken towards her Ted Cruz’s vision of the presidency.

Net Worth, Sources of Income

Anybody working in the financial sector will tell you that economists earn a substantial amount of money. We’d therefore expect Heidi Cruz’s net worth in millions from this analysis. However, if the expenditure exceeds the income then, there may be some complications.

We cannot refute Ted Cruz’s wife’s stronghold in the financial sector. If anything, she currently sits at the board of directors for the Greater Houston Partnership that chairs some of the state’s wealthiest individuals. Moreover, former president Trump interviewed her for the presidency position at World Bank.

However, she once took a hiatus from her well-paying job at Goldman Sachs to plunder into Ted Cruz’s campaigns. Sources have reported that they poured both their life savings into her husband’s senatorial race. This also includes loans of about $250K from Goldman Sachs and a mortgage of about $1-5 million. Nonetheless, Heidi Cruz’s net worth stands at $4 million from their combined ventures despite all these hurdles.

Ted Cruz wife Heidi Cruz’s marriage and Kids?

Heidi’s undying loyalty to her husband, Ted Cruz, stems from their marriage and years together. This year will mark their 20th anniversary together, dating from their grand wedding back on May 27th, 2001. Heidi met Ted in Austin, Texas, during their tenure under former President George Bush’s presidential campaign.

The couple embarked on movies, dinners, and romantic dates for about three weeks before she flew back to Boston for work. The next few months would see their courtship stand the test of time, and of course – long distance. Eventually, she married him over their wedding theme song of Alladin’s A Whole New World.

Image of renowned Texas senator's wife, Heidi Cruz
The Texas senator and a Republican politician, Ted Cruz, and his wife, Heidi Cruz

Fast forward a few years later, she relocated to Texas to be with him – a decision she dreaded at the time. However, upon the intrusion of their kids Caroline Camille and Catherine Christiane Cruz, she managed to make it her new home. The family now lives in their $2 million Houston house with their dog, Snowflake. 

Heidi Cruz wiki, Age, Family, Education 

Prior to meeting her husband and sharing his net worth, the mother of two was born Heidi Suzanne Nelson on August 7th, 1972, in San Luis Obispo, California. She grew up alongside her brother Scott Nelson in the pilgrimage of her parents’ Seventh Day Adventist religious views. Unlike most kids, however, she spent most of her childhood moving from country to country.

Heidi’s parents’ Suzanne Jane and Peter Christian Nelson occupations were dental hygienist and dentist, respectively. They were also strong in the faith as missionaries and spread the gospel in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Asia while tagging the kids along with them. Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi’s passion for the business world only grew when she began her hustle of selling homemade bread.

Upon settling in America, the 48-year-old had the privilege of schooling at Arroyo Grande and Monterey Bay Academy for her high school. Upon graduation, she enrolled at Claremont McKenna College for her economics and International relations degree. She also got to study at prestigious institutions such as the University of Strasbourg and Belgium’s Solvay Brussels Schools of Economics and Management. Like her husband, Heidi is also a Harvard graduate after securing her MBA from Harvard Business School in 2000.

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