Jamie Davis Accident: Why he had to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer.

Traditionally the one who extends help to people following an accident, Jamie Davis found himself at the epicenter of one such incident this past weekend. The renowned star of “Highway Thru Hell” was involved in a multi-vehicle collision during the early hours of Sunday morning, as confirmed by the show in an official statement. The … Read more

Ted Cruz’s Wife Heidi Cruz Net Worth, Children, Wiki

Image of a successful lawyer's wife, Heidi Cruz and Ted Cruz

Most presidential aspirants complement their political rallies by tagging their spouses along to humanize them. If you’ve been following the presidential debates in the past, you’ve probably heard of Ted Cruz, a Republican politician. But how well do you know Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz? Despite being overshadowed by her husband’s status and fame, did … Read more

Alan Dershowitz Net Worth

Image of a professional lawyer, Alan Dershowitz

Whenever there is a problem in people’s lives, they think of a lawyer. Anyone can claim to be the kind of lawyers their clients need to save them from allegations and charges but seldom do they all succeed. When talking about celebrities and the VIPs who are often in need of protection, they want the … Read more

Who is Stacey Abrams Husband? Gay Rumor

Image of a prominent government official, Casey DeSantis

Currently, the number of politicians, activists fighting for the rights of minorities is slowly increasing. One such politician, an activist who works for the rights of minorities, is Stacey Abrams. Moreover, Stacey is also an author who has published books such as Minority Leader and Our Time is Now. Her pseudo name for publishing non-fiction … Read more

Types of Lawyers: Highest Paid Types and Their Salaries

Image of types of lawyer

The amount of money made by various lawyers varies significantly. Attorneys specialize in specific areas of law, similar to how physicians specialize in specific areas of medicine. Many people believe that the highest-paid attorneys are those who work for corporations. However, lawyers in other fields, such as personal injury attorneys and criminal lawyers, can all … Read more