Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wife Cheryl Hines Net Worth, Children, Wiki

Politics and acting are two fields with the worst results when it comes to love and matchmaking. If it’s not the busy working schedules, it’s usually the scandalous affairs that break such people apart. Yet somehow, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an American environmental lawyer and politician, still manages to maintain his marriage to actress Cheryl Hines.

So how exactly does he do it, and what’s so special about his wife? To answer that, here’s a closer look at Cheryl Hines’s net worth, wiki, children, and previous relationships.

Who is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Wife, Cheryl Hines? Wiki-Bio

Cheryl Hines is no stranger to the Hollywood red carpet. You probably recognize her from her character Dallas Royce on ABC’s sitcom Suburgatory and HBO’s comedy series, Curb Your Enthusiasm. She nailed both roles perfectly and even got two Emmy Award nominations off of them.

Prior to all the fame, Cheryl struggled to do odd jobs as a waitress, television reporter, and even telephone operator. At one point in time, she was even the PA to Rob Reiner. Her big break came from her decision to move to California to pursue an acting career. What started with guest appearances on Swamp Thing and Unsolved Mysteries ended up into improv comedy at The Groundlings.

Eventually, she found her bearing in HBO’s sketch comedy series that illuminated her entire career. Since then, the actress has been credited for her appearances on movies and TV shows alike. By January 2014, she got her start at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Wife Cheryl Hines Net Worth and Income

Over the years, Cheryl Hines has racked up a substantial amount from her job as an actress. Even though most of her roles aren’t as recurring as she’d hoped, Hines’s roles as a supporting actress have been enough to win her a Gracie Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

The HBO star has also built her net worth as a comedian, producer, and film director. Back in 2010, she was hired as the executive producer of NBC’s reality series, School Pride. She’s also been a judge and a permanent panelist on the I Can See Your Voice game show.

As a result, Cheryl Hines’ net worth has come down to $14 million since she began her career in 1993. Some sources have gone ahead to report that part of her net worth also stems from alimony cheques after her divorce from her first husband.

While this may or may not be true, we do know that she also has some hidden talents that count as her sources of income. The Hollywood actress has a good poker face and gambles once in a while. She’s won well over $50,000 in her gambling career.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and wife Cheryl Hines Marriage

From the beginning, Robert and Cheryl didn’t seem all that compatible. Even when their mutual friend, Larry David, shipped her twice on two separate skiing trips, Kennedy Jr. still had reservations about dating an actress. Moreover, she was still married at the time of the meet. However, things really started to kick in upon their third encounter in December 2011.

Image of an American environmental lawyer and politician (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s) wife, Cheryl Hines
An American environmental lawyer and politician, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., with his wife, Cheryl Hines

What started off as the most unlikely pair ended up being just the right fit. By April 2014, the couple announced their engagement and celebrated their marriage on August 2nd, 2014. Despite the heavy downpour that befell them on their special day, as well as a case of bad journalism on The Telegram’s part, singer Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten seemed to put everything back in order. The pair currently live ceremoniously in their $6.45 million Malibu home in Miami Beach, Florida.

Cheryl Hines’ husband’s Ex-Spouses

Even though reports state that Cheryl Hines has three husbands, she’s only been married twice. Her first walk down the aisle was back in December 2002 during her wedding to Paul Young, the founder of Principato-Young. The couple ended up staying together for eight years before their divorce on July 20th, 2010. According to rumors by Netizens, the pair grew apart and called it quits before it got messy.

While still married to Young, Hines met her second husband-to-be, Robert F Kennedy Jr., on a skiing strip. What’s even funnier is that she met him through her other ‘husband’ Larry David. She regards Larry as her husband after playing the role of his fictional wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm for so long that it’s gotten stuck in her mind.

Cheryl Hines has a daughter Catherine Rose Young from her previous Relationship.

The 55-year old actress has a daughter named Catherine Rose Young, born on March 8th, 2004. Catherine is her only daughter, born out of her love for her first husband, Paul Young. Like her mother, her teenage daughter is also a promising actress with credits in films such as The Grand and R.V Runaway Vacation.

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