Brett Kavanaugh’s Wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh Wiki Biography

Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure as an associate Supreme court judge hasn’t been easy. Since his nomination in 2018, he has faced sexual allegation charges, and his private financial records leaked.

However, amidst all these battles, one person has stood beside him unshaken – his wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh. Most people are not accustomed to her story despite her successful career outside politics.

If you’ve been searching on Ashley Estes Kavanaugh’s net worth and wiki biography, then you’ve come to the right place.

Who is Brett Kavanaugh’s Wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh?

Ashley Estes is widely known as the spouse of Supreme Court associate judge Brett Kavanaugh. However, once you take off her husband out of the picture, she still has a life and career of her own. According to her wiki, Ashley is a public official for the United States Government and former political aide for retired president George W. Bush.

Mrs. Kavanaugh’s career began while she was still in college at the University of Texas in Austin. While studying for her Bachelor of Journalism degree, she landed a job as George W. Bush’s assistant in 1996. At the time, he was still the Governor of Texas and presidential aspirant in 2000. Come 2001, when he assumed office, she got promoted to the personal secretary to the president throughout his tenure.

Similarly, when Bush got re-elected for his second term in office, Ashley became the Director for Special Projects at his foundation. She would also assume the role of Media Relations Coordinator from 2009 to 2010.

Ashley Estes Kavanaugh Net worth, Sources of Income

Brett Kavanaugh’s Wife Ashley Estes’ net worth has been linked to her career while serving under retired President George W. Bush. However, according to her LinkedIn page, she is also currently the town manager for section 5 of the village of Chevy Chase in Maryland, a position she’s held since 2016.

According to her husband’s leaked financial reports, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh’s net worth amounts to approximately $1 million. This is, of course, after factoring in their family home worth more than $900K over a land valued at $600K.

Brett Kavanaugh and Wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh marriage, Kids

Ashley got the surname Kavanaugh from her marriage to her husband, Brett, back in 2004. Unlike all other weddings, theirs was highly militarized as high-ranking officials such as President Bush and First lady Laura Bush were both on the guest list.

The couple met while working for Bush’s election campaign back in the early 2000s and dated for about three years. After their wedding and with both their careers looking promising, it didn’t take them long before they decided on starting a family. In 2005, they welcomed their first daughter named Margaret Kavanaugh, who would later have a sister named Liza.

Image of the renowned judge Brett Kavanaugh with his wife and kids
Supreme Court associate judge Brett Kavanaugh with his wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, and kids

We’d be lying if we claimed that their marriage has been easy, considering she had to defend her husband against sexual assault allegations when they hit.

“No. I mean, I know Brett. I’ve known him for 17 years and this is not at all… it’s really hard to believe. He’s decent, he’s kind, he’s good. I know his heart. This is not consistent with Brett.”

Even after the charges were dropped, she had to pick up the pieces and deal with damage control over the family name. The couple raises their daughters as Catholics with their faith in Washington, DC’s Catholic community.

Ashley Kavanaugh’s Wiki, Age, Early Life, Parents, and Biography

The mother of two is an Abilene native, born in Texas as Ashley Jean Estes, back on November 4th, 1974. Not much information is known about her childhood and siblings, as that information remains private. However, we do know her parents’ names, like Dr. John and Nancy Estes.

The 46-year old mother of two had was a very active child while growing up. While at Abilene Cooper High School, she was a member of the Student Council for three years. During her leisure time, Ashley would also play golf and compete in tournaments for the school.

Upon graduation in 1993, she enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin to pursue her degree in Journalism. Her career would slowly take shape from here on out. One other interesting fact about Mrs. Kavanaugh was that she was part of the team that was evacuated from the White House during the 9-11 bombing.

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