Mark Levin Net Worth, Education, Height. 

Arrogant, eccentric, self-assertive, and very opinionated are all words used to describe Mark Levin. As an impartial syndicated radio show presenter, he primarily uses the platform to endorse Republicans and promote smear campaigns against Democrats. Gauging from the numbers of his loyal fans, the strategy seemed to have worked in his favor in creating him a fortune.

But, by how much, you ask? Here’s Mark Levin’s net worth, career, education, height, and wiki-bio explained.

Who is Mark Levin?

Moving away from the radio department, Mark Levin is also prudent as a conservative lawyer, author, and television star on the Fox News channel. His fame dates back to former US president Ronald Reagan’s administration, where he served as the chief of staff to the then-attorney general, Edwin Meese.

Levin would then spend the later years establishing his private law firm in the early 90s. Shortly after, he joined the team at Landmark Legal Foundation, where he rose ranks to become its president. He filed key lawsuits against government bodies such as the Federal Election Commission and the National Education Association during his tenure.

The case win spiraled him into the nation’s talk, prompting him to venture into radio broadcasting as a conservative. For years, he would only appear as a guest contributor in The Rush Limbaugh Show and Hannity’s radio show. Things finally picked up when he landed a radio slot on WABC that led to the dawn of The Mark Levin Show in 2006. By 2018, the radio star was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Mark Levin Net Worth and Income Sources

Mark Levin’s net worth not only stems from his decade-long broadcasting job. He’s still a centrist author with over eight books under his belt. Men in Black, Liberty, and Tyranny, Ameritopia, The Liberty Amendments, Plunder and Deceit, and Unfreedom of the Press are but a few of them. The books have served as the basis for a number of high-profile political debates.

For example, as the president of Landmark Legal, Levin received well over $300,000 as salary each as president. Even after he stepped out of his role, he still remained at the pinnacle as one of the board of governors to the non-profit organization.

Image of a successful attorney and Tv personality, Mark Levin
A conservative lawyer, author, and television star, Mark Levin

Piling onto Mark Levin’s net worth is his time in television. He currently has running contracts with Fox News to appear on Life, Liberty & Levin that airs each Sunday. His other notable works include Blaze Media’s Truth Be Told, Allie, Kibbe on Liberty, In the Woods with Phil, and many more. All these tally Mark Levin’s net worth at approximately $50 million. You can check out his entire works here.

Age and Birthday

Though he doesn’t look like it, Mark Levin is currently 63 years old. The Fox News columnist was born on September 21st, 1957, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as Mark Reed Levin.


During meet and greets, his loyal fans have often shared that he looks nothing like his voice on the podcasts and radio—partly because of his height. The radio host stands at a towering height of 6 feet 0.5 inches.

Education and Wiki

The 63-year-old conservative was born to his parent, Norma and Jack Levin. Growing up in a Jewish household in Philadelphia, he looked up to his two brothers, Dough and Rob Levin. Mark would then attend Cheltenham High School, where he skipped his final year. Afterward, Levin decided to pursue a career in political science at Temple University Ambler, where he graduated at the young age of 19. Shortly after, he returned to the institution for his J.D in the School of Law.

Given that Mark Levin’s father was also a published author, it’s not surprising that he also ended up as a novelist. Sean Hannity, a renowned Hollywood writer, and producer, often refers to Mark as The Great One from his literature. More often than not, the syndicated radio host strays away from his conservative works and writes non-fiction stories.

He once wrote a book titled, Rescuing Sprite: A dog lover’s story of Joy and Anguish by basing it off two of his dogs, Pepsi and Sprite. While on the subject of his loved ones, Mark has two kids, Lauren and Chase Levin. They were born out of his love from his failed marriage to his ex-wife, Kendall Levin. Also adding to his wiki is the fact that he once almost died of a heart attack in 2000 if it wasn’t for open-heart surgery.

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