Geraldo Rivera Wife Erica Michelle Age, Wiki Bio

Image of a politician and a tv show host, Geraldo Rivera and his current wife

Geraldo Rivera, the one with an iconic mustache, is a politician and a tv show host famous for appearing in various talk shows. Perhaps one of the controversial figures, he is notoriously known for getting into trouble due to his unfiltered speeches and accusations. However, keeping his shenanigans aside, he is a wealthy individual who … Read more

Carolyn Cohen: Facts about Alan Dershowitz’s Wife

Image of an American lawyer, Alan Dershowitz and her wife

Those that have been following the celebrities and their scandals are well aware of the lawyers they use to fend off charges. Amongst many lawyers, one of the most recognized faces is Alan Dershowitz. Notoriously known for defending criminal activities and getting in trouble, Alan has somehow attracted thousands of fans worldwide. Generally, the fans … Read more