Carolyn Cohen: Facts about Alan Dershowitz’s Wife

Those that have been following the celebrities and their scandals are well aware of the lawyers they use to fend off charges. Amongst many lawyers, one of the most recognized faces is Alan Dershowitz. Notoriously known for defending criminal activities and getting in trouble, Alan has somehow attracted thousands of fans worldwide.

Generally, the fans are keen on learning about the day-to-day personal life of this public figure. As of now, he is a married man and the father of three children. Fortunately, he is married to the love of his life, Carolyn Cohen.

Who is Carolyn Cohen?

One of Alan’s life aspects that the people find intriguing is his new wife, Carolyn Cohen. This second wife of the infamous lawyer is equally brilliant and talented even though she remains in the shadows of her husband.

We know that she is a biologist and neuropsychologist by profession and has completed her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Various scientists acclaim her articles and research that are available in journals. Also, she has co-authored numerous studies and featured them in different medical journals. One of them was a study published in JAMA Neurology about Alzheimer’s and dementia. She involved herself in a study that developed a system for testing cognitive function in old age people. In one study, the team tracked 120 children over 12 years to find a relationship between a person’s cognitive skills and psychopathology and recovery.

After graduating from Indiana University, Carolyn has been part of many research teams. Apart from that, she worked as a supervisor and clinician at Harvard medical school. The exact birth date of Carolyn is still under wraps, but some sources infer that she is in her 70s.

Nonetheless, she is married to Alan Dershowitz, who is a controversial figure in public. There have been countless accusations against him. One such instance was when Epstein’s victims claimed that Epstein forced her to sleep with Alan. Carolyn has not spoken about this topic in public. Similarly, she remained silent on Dershowitz’s usage of the phrase ‘perfect sex life’ while defending against the claim of Epstein’s victim, which also stirred a lot of controversies.

Carolyn Cohen Marriage with Alan Dershowitz

The couple met around the early 1980s. It was when Alan Dershowitz was reciting a speech and Carolyn was a visitor. They exchanged conversations, and Alan developed feelings for her. At the time, Alan went through his former wife’s divorce and suicide. So, it fitted for him to go after a new relationship.

Even though Carolyn is about 12 years younger than Alan, she accepted his proposal. The lovebirds were in a relationship for about four years, and after that, they tied the knot in 1986. It is no doubt that their relationship was and is still strong. They are married for more than three decades now, and they share a daughter as well. As of now, the Dershowitz family spends their time on their beach houses and massive Cambridge home.

We all know that Alan is a part of Donal Trump’s defense team. But this wouldn’t be possible without Carolyn. There was one instance when Alan had to support Trump from allegations. However, before taking the job, former President Donald Trump called Carolyn and asked her to give her approval so that Alan can join the team. Though she might not be a strong supporter of Trump, Carolyn complied with his request. Even though Carolyn may not agree with every decision of Alan, she understands that it’s his job.

This indicates the level of trust and love between the two.

They have A Daughter

Speaking of love, as proof of their endearment, they gave birth to their daughter Ella in 1990. Ella Dershowitz is the only child from the second marriage of Alan. Without a doubt, she has inherited the intelligence of her father and mother. However, unlike her parents, Ella chose to follow a creative passion. She is an actress who graduated with a degree in theatre from Yale University.

Image of an American lawyer, Alan Dershowitz and her wife and daughter
An American lawyer, Alan Dershowitz with a biologist and neuropsychologist wife, Carolyn Cohen and daughter, Ella Dershowitz

Ever since childhood, she was fond of performing in front of the camera. She appeared in different TV shows during her childhood. Also, she has appeared in various Broadway productions and has acted in the play, Can you Forgive Her.

Compared to her parents, Ella has achieved only moderate success. Her IMDB page includes credit for 11 roles, including TV and movies. Her filmography includes Knife Fight, Addiction: A 60’s Love Story, and Lie to Me. Besides acting, she is also a writer who has worked for different mediums as well.

Like Carolyn, Ella is also a private person. She is not available on Facebook or Instagram. There’s no information available about who she’s dating or whether she is married or single. Despite being in the limelight, the Dershowitz daughter has managed to keep secrecy about her personal life.

Dershowitz was First married to Sue Barlach

Dershowitz’s first marriage took place very early in his life. He was just 20, and his bride Sue Barlach was just 18. The couple tied the knot in 1959. Alan’s first wife followed the Jewish tradition very strictly. This former couple bore two children. One of them was Elon Dershowitz, and the younger one is Jamin Dershowitz.

Sadly, this couple’s marriage ended in 1976. After the divorce, Sue worked as a research librarian to support herself and the children. Initially, Sue had the children’s custody. Later, Alan fought to get possession and was successful in his attempt.

Unfortunately, Sue Barlach could not live without her children and committed suicide by drowning herself in a river. Some even linked the cause of her suicide with Alan Dershowitz’s actions.


Ella is not the only Dershowitz child to pursue a creative field. Elon Dershowitz, Alan’s son from his first marriage, is also involved in the movie business. His most famous work is the movie Wall Street. He worked as an executive assistant for the film.

The relationship of Carolyn with her stepchildren is not known. The children Elon and Jamin are close with Alan. His younger son, Jamin, followed his father’s footsteps into the legal field. He also helped Alan in writing the book The Vanishing American Jew.

Who is Alan Dershowitz?

Being a lawyer is quite tricky, especially if the lawyer is defending a publicly hated person. Then, the lawyer is swinging against the tide. This is true of Alan Dershowitz. Alan is famous for supporting celebrities like Mike Tyson, Julian Assange, Patty Hearst, Harvey Weinstein, and assisting in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Currently, he is an American lawyer known for his US constitutional law and American criminal law service.

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