James Comey Net Worth 2021. His Wife Patrice Failor and Kids

James Comey previously had it all; the power to prosecute anyone within his jurisdiction as the FBI director. He once served justice to notable celebrities such as Martha Stewart for tax fraud and presidential nominees such as Hillary Clinton.

However, he lost his job in 2017 after his dismissal by former President Donald Trump. While you may be tempted to use the phrase, How the mighty have fallen, it turns out the former FBI director is doing just fine. That said, here’s a detailed look at James Comey’s net worth in 2021, as well as his wife, Patrice Failor, and their kids.

Who is James Comey?

James Comey is an American attorney/prosecutor and the former director of the FBI. Currently, his post-government life sees him as an executive professor of education at the College of William & Mary. Comey also gave a series of lectures at Howard University, post dismissal in 2017. Despite being out of office, he still keeps tabs on the current state of affairs and dishes out his opinions on the same.

The former FBI director’s career dates back to the late 80s where he clerked for state attorneys. In 1987, he landed his dream job as an assistant attorney for the Southern District of New York. After getting his hands dirty with public law, he went private at McGuireWoods law firm in Virginia. However, that also didn’t last long as he became the state attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia in 1996.

He quickly rose ranks as the deputy general in the Department of Justice in 2004 before going private again. However, this time, he landed a job at Lockheed Martin Corporation while also serving as the general counsel lawyer for Bridgewater Associates. In 2013, incumbent president Barrack Obama nominated him for the FBI director’s role took his career to a whole new level.

James Comey Net Worth and Income

Information details of most high-ranking government officials remain highly classified under the country’s jurisdiction. James Comey is no exception from his rule and has most of his sources of income under closed doors. However, he can only hide so much as details of his salary before joining the Bureau soon got leaked.

While at Bridgewater Associates, the former director earned a salary of approximately $6 million. He was also handed about $3 million as participation payout when he resigned from his duties as a general counsel attorney. This comes as a shock as his salary as FBI director was $185,000, which is inconsequential compared to his previous payout. Regardless, we cannot overlook the state benefits that brought James Comey’s net worth to $14 million as of 2021.

James Comey’s married life to wife, Patrice Failor

While James Comey’s jobs keep on switching each year, the one thing he finds solace with is his marriage. Patrice Failor is his wife’s name, who has remained by his side for over three decades. The couple got married back in 1987 after getting acquainted during their campus years at the College of William and Mary.

As Patrice recalls the story, she met Comey at a daiquiri party – something he disagrees with. His version has the couple meeting through a mutual friend while he was running for president of their dorm council. Patrice approved of him and nominated him for the position. From there on out, their love blossomed into a fully-blown relationship leading up to marriage.

Image of an American attorney/prosecutor and the former director of the FBI, James Comey and his wife
An American attorney/prosecutor and the former director of the FBI, James Comey, and his wife, Patrice Failor

Patrice Failor Wikipedia Biography

Despite her husband taking all the glory in the media, Patrice also has an impressive professional background. On November 10th, 1960, she was born in Northern Virginia, where she was partly raised before moving to Iowa. Upon graduation from a local school, she enrolled at William & Marry College that became the basis of her legal career.

Shortly after, Patrice volunteered at Bridgeport’s Superior Court before going back for her Master’s in counseling. She would later become a fully-fledged court-appointed special advocate for juvenile courts. Part of it was inspired by her general love for children.


Speaking of youngsters, Patrice Failor has her flock of kids with James Comey. They named them Maurene, Abby, Kate, Claire, and Brien Comey, from the oldest to the youngest. Like her parents, Maureen also went to attend William & Mary College and later graduated from Harvard Law School in 2013. She currently works as an assistant U.S. attorney exactly where her father started, in the Southern District of New York.

Looking back, they would have been six kids, but Patrice’s infant son, Collin, passed away at just nine days old. She published a heartfelt essay to The Baltimore Sun explaining Collin’s death as a result of a bacterial Group B Strep Infection, something no mother would want to go through.

Other Family Members

As large as the family already is, the couple has also served as Foster parents. The mother of five is an advocate for aging out foster kids in the community, serving as a guardian to some. She also proposed a program in 2016 that would serve juveniles in court by them getting special advocates and unpaid volunteers as counselors.

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