Geraldo Rivera Wife Erica Michelle Age, Wiki Bio

Geraldo Rivera, the one with an iconic mustache, is a politician and a tv show host famous for appearing in various talk shows. Perhaps one of the controversial figures, he is notoriously known for getting into trouble due to his unfiltered speeches and accusations.

However, keeping his shenanigans aside, he is a wealthy individual who rose to prominence ever since his tabloid talk show The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults aired on April 21, 1986.

There were often such times when Geraldo was on the brink of losing his job. However, this former FOX news correspondent and journalist is a millionaire now who has bagged in a net worth of $20 million.

No wonder a man like Geraldo lives a lavish lifestyle. Similarly, his booming popularity earned him thousands of fans and countless women waiting in line for him. After all, who would not want to settle in with this personality?

Speaking of women, Geraldo has had trouble finding the right match for him. He has married five times till this day. His current wife is Erica Michelle. Born on July 4, 1943, this 77-year-old is currently living a lavish life with his new wife and five children.

Geraldo Rivera Wife Erica Michelle Levy. Age

Geraldo’s 5th and latest wife is Erica Michelle Levy. What’s interesting about their relationship is that Erica is 31 years younger than her now-husband. Hence, she is 46 at the moment.

Erica is an Ohio-born woman and daughter of Nancy and late Howard Levy, who was once a television producer for NBC Universal.

Erica completed her bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Wisconsin.

Her father’s producing talent runs through her veins, and she has made various shows, including her now-husband’s Geraldo’s CNBC show Rivera Live. Currently, she works as a documentary producer.

Reports claim that the two began dating after Erica joined his show in the late 90s. Likewise, after exchanging lovely conversations, the couple decided to get married on August 10, 2003.

At the time of marriage, Erica was 28, and Geraldo was 60. Hence, it is no surprise that their wedding made headlines all over America.

Some say that Erica married Geraldo only for fame and popularity, but that does not seem to be the case. The couple wedded in 2003, and their marriage is still going strong in 2021.

Moreover, their beautiful relationship has a baby girl who lightens up the parents’ life. They named their daughter Solita Liliana Rivera. Solita Liliana Rivera is a pretty girl who is 15 years old as she was born in 2015. Moreover, she is the youngest among her four siblings.

Image of a politician and a tv show host, Geraldo Rivera and his current wife and daughter
A politician and a tv show host, Geraldo Rivera with his current wife, Erica Michelle Levy, and daughter, Solita Liliana Rivera

Geraldo Rivera Ex-wives

Geraldo Rivera is notoriously famous for breaking the hearts of many women. He openly admitted that he had extra-marital affairs with women. From being called a disloyal man to an unfaithful husband, Geraldo Rivera has stolen and broken plenty of relationships.

Talking about his first wife, Geraldo was married Linda Coblentz in 1965. The relationship lasted only for four years and understandably so. At the time, Geraldo was only 22 years of age, and most people are immature about marriage at this age.

So was Geraldo. He took marriage lightly and broke the wedding vows in 1969 when they separated. The former couple does not have a child at this time.

We know that Geraldo had extra-marital affairs. Soon after splitting with the first wife, Edith Vonnegut became Geraldo’s second wife.

She was a painter by profession whose arts appear in various galleries. She is also the daughter of the famous author Kurt Vonnegut. Edith and Geraldo married on December 14, 1971, but separated in 1975. Again, Geraldo had no intention of having children with her.

Geraldo’s third wife is Sherryl Raymond. They tied the knot on December 31, 1976. By that time, one would have thought that Geraldo had matured and become a responsible man.

Moreover, he even conceived a son named Gabriel Miguel with Sherryl. However, this relationship did not last as they divorced in 1984. Their son was born in July 1979.

Cynthia Cruickshank Dyer became Geraldo’s fourth. They married on July 11, 1987. Surprisingly, this marriage lasted longer than the previous ones; for 13 years.

However, the couple divorced in 2000. They share two daughters, Isabella Holmes and Simone Cruickshank.

Both of them are 28 and 26 years old, respectively. The parents also tried for a third child using IVF, but it failed due to miscarriages.

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