Casey DeSantis (Ron DeSantis Wife) Wikipedia: Net Worth, Age, Nationality

Casey DeSantis is a prominent government official who is also known as the first lady of Florida. Former news reporter, television host, and a notable figure in the media industry are also famous due to Ron DeSantis’s wife, the current governor of Florida.

She was born on the 26th of June 1980. Originally from Troy, Ohio, Casey DeSantis graduated from the College of Charleston. The former runner-up of Division I NCAA Champion received her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a minor in French.

In fact, in college, DeSantis was a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon honor society for economics as well as Pi Delta Phi honor society for French.

DeSantis’s native land is in Ohio. However, Casey has not mentioned the name of her parents or siblings as she is secretive about her private life. Nonetheless, being the first lady of Florida has brought a lot of responsibilities to her plate.

Back in 2019, she formed the First Lady’s Medal for Courage, Commitment, and Service. And soon after that, Casey announced Florida’s 2019 Black History Month theme as Celebrating Public Service.

As of now, she is married to the 46th governor of Florida and is the mother of three children.

Without any delay, let’s dive in to know more about Casey DeSantis regarding her net worth, age, and nationality in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Casey DeSantis Net Worth and Income

Undoubtedly, Casey DeSantis has to be making a huge fortune at this stage of her life. Her career alone has brought her much success financially as well.

We know that Casey DeSantis worked on successful TV programs in the past. In fact, she made her first income through media by hosting Golf Channel Programs. Likewise, Casey has held several anchoring positions, such as general assignment reporter, morning anchor, and police reporter.

Also, she started making huge wealth by hosting and moderating an hour-long panel discussion talk show of NBC and ABC’s The Chat. Clearly, being an Emmy award-winning host, she has been able to amass a huge fortune.

Not to mention her self-written and produced documentary films such as Champion, The JT Townsend Story, which have found their success. Hence, adding all that up, Casey DeSantis has a net worth of approximately $1 million though there are no authentic reports on this. Last but not least, Casey DeSantis also shares a huge part of her husband’s net worth.

Husband Ron DeSantis

Casey DeSantis’s husband is Ronald Dion DeSantis, who is the current governor of Florida. He won the election as the Mayor in 2019. This Florida Governor graduated from Yale University and Harvard Law School. He also completed Naval Justice School in 2005 and was a member of Naval Special Warfare Command.

But Ron has been involved with law, politics, and government throughout his career. He began serving as Assistant US Attorney in 2018 and was elected as a member of the US House of Representatives from Florida 6th district in 2013. This very moment marked the beginning of his political career.

Married Life and Kids

The couple met for the first time on a golf course. She met him in Jacksonville, Florida. She was there on the job. At that time, Ron was not a politician but a naval officer. They two started talking, and later they got into a relationship. In 2010, the couple got married. In 2010 Ron received an honorable discharge from the military. The governor and first lady have three children. They have two daughters and a son. The names of the two daughters are Madison and Mamie, while the son’s name is Mason.

Madison is the first child. She was born in 2016. Mason, the second child, was born in March 2018. The third child Mamie was born in 2020. She is the first child to be born in the Governor’s residence in over 50 years.

Image of a prominent government official, Casey DeSantis with her husband and kids
A prominent government official, Casey DeSantis, with her husband, Ron DeSantis, and her daughter, Madison, and son, Mason

Both of them are very happy in their marriage. Ron has said that Casey is instrumental in his appeal. The first lady has said that Ron is a great father and a supportive husband.

Ron DeSantis Net Worth

Ron DeSantis’s wealth has increased over the years. In 2018, his reported net worth was $283,605. However, in 2019 this went up to $291,449. There has been an increase of about 3% in his wealth. Florida commission website disclosed the information. In his financial report, DeSantis said that the state salary of $130,000 was his only source of income. During this time, his assets were that of $97,770 in a savings plan and $205,500 in a Federal Savings Bank.

In comparison, in 2018, he had earned $116,000 as a senator. The state also paid about $15,000 to DeSantis during his transition period.

DeSantis has not included his house sale Ponte Vedra Beach home. The Beach home was sold for $460,000. The house was listed in his 2018 records with a valuation of $450,000. He also included in the report that about a $200,000 loan was yet to be paid.

Ron DeSantis’s Wife Casey DeSantis Age

As mentioned earlier, Casey DeSantis was born on the 26th of June 1980 as Jill Casey DeSantis. Hence, at the present moment, she is 41 years old. The governor of Florida himself wished his dearest wife a happy birthday on her 40th birthday and thanked her for being a wonderful wife, mother, and leadership on mental health. Fans were even wishing her on her birthday from all corners of the world.

Casey DeSantis Nationality and Ethnicity

Casey DeSantis was born in Ohio. Her family later moved to Florida. She is of Caucasian white ethnicity. She is an American. Her husband is a Republican. However, she has been critical of Trump. However, she has been very supportive of her husband in his campaign. She also participated in his ad campaign and has been instrumental in attracting public attention to him.

Apart from that, Ron DeSantis’s wife Casey is also interested in the mental and physical health of the children. Her husband appointed her as the chairman of the Children and Youth Cabinet. Now, she has the power to change the lives of many children.

She is also interested in mental wellbeing and works towards removing the stigma attached to mental wealth. She insists on the importance of providing treatment rather than punishment.

Ron DeSantis’s wife Casey started Hope for Healing campaign to bring the state as well as non-profit organizations to find out the best solutions on the subject. She has been very active during her husband’s administration. She certainly is one of the most active first ladies in the history of Florida.

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