John Roberts Net Worth. Wife Jane Sullivan Roberts and Kids. 

The United States of America is considered the free world because of its fairly just judicial system. John Roberts, who sits at the helm as the Supreme court Chief Justice, is solely to thank for that. He has preceded over high-stakes cases such as the Shelby County v. Holder, the Department of Homeland Security vs. Regents of the University of California, among many more.

As with any high-ranking government official, any information regarding their private affairs hardly gets out. However, we’ve got intricate details to match your curiosity on John Roberts’ net worth as well as his personal life with his wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts, and their offspring.

John Roberts Net Worth and Salary

The salaries of the Chief justices range from $255,500 to $265,500 a year, in case you were wondering. However, in order to remain fully impartial, each justice must put their money in a blind trust as mandated by the law. Book royalties, public speaking engagements, and private law firms may also help them supplement their salaries without violating conflict of interest rules.

John Roberts has especially capitalized on this aspect. Aside from his annual salary of $300,000 each year, he continues to practice law at Hogan and Hartson, a law firm renamed Hogan Lovells. Some might even consider him a businessman judging from the investments he has running. The Chief Justice mostly goes all out on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds revolving around telecommunications and technology to match his peers.

As such, sources have reported on John Roberts’ net worth summed up to $9 million. Like any businessman would agree, it’s wise to spread risks, especially in investments. Taking a page from this book, the Chief Justice also receives some help from his wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts, who is also a legal practitioner. Let’s have a look at their relationship next.

John is married to his wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts.

Nobody understands John Roberts better than his wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts. After all, they have been together for 25 years and counting. They met at a beach house in the early 90s but had to part ways as Jane relocated to Australia for a year. According to an interview with The SunMrs. Roberts iterates how much they had in common that made them a great match. When she finally returned, they picked up right where they left.

Like clockwork, the couple shared their vows in 1996 in a wedding ceremony that paid homage to their Irish backgrounds. According to an interview with Irish America, Jane went candid on her shared lineage with her husband, John.

“There’s a lot of pride running in our Irish background. We did Irish dancing, we did Irish music, had parties in my home where my grandfather and I danced together…. Everybody had to have a party piece. I typically danced to one song, the Gypsy Rover and I’m still asked to sing that song.”

It’s been over two decades of their blissful marriage together while living in Washington, DC. Much of that is highly contributed to their cohesive work-life while both practicing laws.


Most couples start a family during their first few years of living together. However, it took them a few years to come to terms with being full-time parents for John and Jane. As both career men and women, they decided against siring their own children and instead adopted two kids. The couple is the loving parents of a boy and a girl named Josephine and Jack, whom they raised to grow up in the Christian faith. The family attends the Church of the Little Flower in Bethesda, Md.

Image of a successful lawyer, John Roberts and his family
The Chief Justice of the Supreme court, John Sullivan Roberts, with his wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts, and their kids, Josephine and Jack

Jane Sullivan Roberts Wiki-bio, Age and other facts

Much as John Roberts takes center stage volatile legal matters, his wife Jane Sullivan is also a force to be reckoned with. According to her wiki data, Jane Sullivan is only a year younger than her husband at the age of 66. The earliest records of her early life date back to Australia, where she served as a waitress at the age of 15.

Jane Sullivan would also perform several odd jobs such as hotel hostess, care parker, nurse’s aide, bookkeeper, researcher, and even a maid in a hotel. At one point, she was also a cocktail waitress in a port town in Western Australia. Things finally picked up when she decided to fend for herself through school.

According to her highly decorated portfolio on LinkedIn, Jane holds a Diploma in Education from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. She would later further her education at Brown University with a Master’s in Applied Mathematics. By 1984, the mother of two attended Georgetown University, where she earned her Doctorate in Law.

Amidst her education, she worked in several legal firms such as Major Lindsey & Africa, Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, and Macrae, Inc. As the wife to a public figure, Sullivan has also taken part in several movements for the betterment of mankind. These include nonprofits such as Feminist for Life and much more.

John Roberts Age, Family, Wiki-bio and other Facts

The Chief Justice was born in Buffalo, New York, back in 1955 to a family of six. His father, Jack G. Roberts, worked a steel plant in Indiana, which forced the entire family to relocate to Long Beach. Here, young Roberts attended La Lumiere high school, where he excelled as captain of the football team. By the year 1976, the father of two had graduated from Harvard University after majoring in History.

Before venturing into a law career, Roberts worked as a managing editor at the campus and clerked for several federal judges. He would gradually ascend into more administrative duties in the field until he became an appellate lawyer in the early 90s.

Although Roberts company was a private firm, he aligned his efforts to help former President George W. Bush gain control over the senate during his election campaign. The position featuring highly debated hearings finally ranked him as a federal judge. From here, he climbed up the ladder of success into becoming the 17th Chief Justice of America.

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