Types of Lawyers: Highest Paid Types and Their Salaries

The amount of money made by various lawyers varies significantly. Attorneys specialize in specific areas of law, similar to how physicians specialize in specific areas of medicine. Many people believe that the highest-paid attorneys are those who work for corporations.

However, lawyers in other fields, such as personal injury attorneys and criminal lawyers, can all make millions of dollars. The truth is that most lawyers make a meagre living as each specialization has a distinct earning potential. Their desire to work in the legal sector stems from their enthusiasm for the law and for assisting those in need.

Here are seven different types of lawyers that make the most money explained.

10 Highest Paid Types of Lawyers and Their Salaries

With so many options in the legal field, most people just consider what they see on TV. On-screen representations, on the other hand, are far from accurate. Surprisingly, criminal attorneys aren’t in the top five highest-paid lawyers, and the true legal high rollers aren’t who you would expect. The debate about lawyer specialization takes place all over the world, and it revolves around the financial advantages that come with pursuing a career in the field of law.

Before we dive into the different types of Lawyers that make the most money, it is important to check on other external factors that may affect their income levels. They include:

  • Location

The geographical coordinates play a key role in the financial capabilities of a lawyer. Depending on the tax levels, one criminal lawyer might outdo the other in a different country where there are exemptions. Again, lawyers practicing in urban or metropolitan areas may earn more than those in small towns.

  • Level of Experience

Like every other occupation, a lawyer’s pay is dictated by their professional skill set and experience. No matter how successful a first-year associate is, they would not receive the same as a partner in a large firm.

  • Educational background

Getting your law degree from a prestigious institution is highly likely to increase your marketability. Some of the revered law institutions include Harvard, Vermont, and the University of Minnesota.

  • Size of the Law firm

Not every graduate from law school opts for employment. With just enough capital and experience, most attorneys establish and run their own private practices. As such, their paycheques might be incomparable to partners in a well-established law firm.

That said, here is the list of some of the highest-paid lawyers in the world in no particular order.

1. Medical Malpractice Lawyers

This form of lawyer offers a wide range of legal advice and services relating to medical law to their clients. Clinics and hospitals are typically represented by medical lawyers. Although malpractice suits make up a huge part of a medical lawyer’s career, they are often knowledgeable about a variety of other areas of law, such as bioethics, public policy, medical benefits, insurance law, contract law, and so on. More broadly, they cover healthcare law, personal injury law, medical malpractice law, and a number of other related fields. Medical malpractice lawyers also handle birth injury lawsuits.

As a result, Medical Lawyers typically earn the most money each year. According to studies, medical malpractice lawyers earn an excess of $250,000 per year. Here are some of the current job listings and their salaries with top recruiters in the medical law field.

Medical Malpractice Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
BSA Health System Medical Lawyer $ 118K to 126K
Aaronson Rappaport Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney $86K to $93K
Thomas J. Henry Law, PLLC Assistant Senior Litigation Attorneys in Preparation for Trial Case Management, Medical Development, Calendaring, Etc. $21K to $22K per Hour
Carroll, Kelly, Trotter & Franzen Medical Malpractice Attorney $137K average
Medical Malpractice Attorney Medical Malpractice Attorney $150K


2. Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property attorneys also top this list of the highest-paid lawyers. Intellectual property attorneys work with something made by anyone else. They secure, patent, trademark, and copyright all your inventions, designs, and creativity. They’re there to tell their customers what they can and can’t do with the service or product they’ve made. In the digital world, there are very strict copyright infringement laws. These range from music, logs, literature, technology, and even recipes!

IP lawyers are often in high demand, with the number of new businesses being founded every day. IP lawyers should claim to earn $155,000 a year as the second-highest paid types of lawyers.

Intellectual Property Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
K&L Gates LLP Intellectual Property Lawyer 247K
IBM Intellectual Property Attorney 134K
Kirkland & Ellis Associate Attorney, Intellectual Property 190K
Two Bulls Intellectual Property Attorney 160K to 176K
Amazon Intellectual Property Attorney $49 to $54


3. Tax Lawyers

Since tax law is technical and challenging, tax lawyers are in high demand for their in-depth understanding of complicated tax policies. Since they will be assisting their clients with activities such as paying back taxes and filing returns, tax lawyers must be well-versed in economics, accounting, and math. Aside from criminal offenses, tax evasions are some of the most high-profile cases debated in court today.

As such, a tax attorney’s annual salary ranges from $80,000 to $120,000. Most get employment by governments of the different countries while others practice the law in different firms.

Tax Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
IRS Tax Attorney $127K
J. David Tax Law Tax Attorney $60K
Optima Tax Relief Tax Attorney $55K to $80K
BP Tax Attorney $210K
US Tax Shield Tax Attorney $55K to $87K

4. Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury attorneys assist citizens who have been injured as a result of incidents that have occurred. It covers nearly every situation in which an individual has been hurt as a result of another party’s mistakes, faults, or misconduct. Auto collisions, slip and fall injuries, and incidents that occur outside of the house on public or private property are also examples of these types of accidents. It also protects situations in which a human is wrongfully killed by another person in extreme cases.

A personal injury lawyer’s pay is often determined by the amount of money recovered for an accident survivor. They mainly debate on compensation for proper medical treatment and insurance settlements. The majority of personal injury law practitioners work on a contingency fee basis. They are compensated based on the amount of money they are able to recover for their customers. As such, personal injury attorneys mostly get an average of $73,000 as salary.

Personal Injury Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Personal Injury Attorney $49K to $53K
Riddle & Brantley Personal Injury Attorney $58K to $64K
Bauman Law Personal Injury Attorney $67K to $73K
The Kilino Firm Personal Injury Attorney $73K to $78K

5. Immigration Lawyers

Immigrant lawyers are hardly at the bottom of the pay scale when it comes to groups of lawyers that make the most money. Immigration lawyers assist residents in obtaining legal documents pertaining to their existing residences in the world. This form of attorney should be knowledgeable about legal matters such as visas, residency, refugee or asylum claims, and green cards. Where there are problems or misunderstandings regarding their right to survive in the country and live, people often seek the help of immigration attorneys.

Last year, they were some of the most sorts out for lawyers in the United States after the series of sanctions set across against immigrants by former US President Donald Trump. An immigration lawyer can earn up to $62,000 per year.

Immigration Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Maney, Gordon, Zeller, PA Immigration Attorney $75K
Kuck Casablanca Immigration Attorney $75K
IT America Immigration Attorney $80K
SCM Data Immigration Attorney $44 to $55 hourly
Law Offices of Darren B. Silver Immigration Attorney $65K to $103K

6. Civil Rights Lawyers

People are supposed to be protected from bigotry and abuse by having equal citizenship. These lawyers defend people’s rights to live their lives as they wish, regardless of physical or mental disability, gender, sexuality, nationality, national origin, age, status as a member of the uniformed forces, sexual orientation, or gender identity. They often struggle with cases in which individuals are judged based on factors about which they have no control, such as their skin color or sexual orientation.

Anonymity, freedom of thought and belief, speech and expression, religion, the press, and movement are all secured as individual rights. According to data obtained by credible sources, a civil rights attorney can earn up to $69,000 per year.

Civil Rights Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights Civil Rights Attorney $110K
Bank of America Civil Rights Attorney $43K to $47K
Ohio University Civil Rights Attorney $53K to $57K
US Department of Education Civil Rights Attorney $123K to $135K

7. Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers are some of the most courteous people on the planet. They usually have excellent negotiating skills and are experts in communication, customer service, and corporate interactions because of the transactional nature of their work. Corporate lawyers are in charge of drafting and revising documents like corporate plans and contracts, as well as for deciding whether a business deal is profitable for their client.

They also provide businesses with regulatory guidance on matters such as the company’s legal requirements and responsibilities. At times, they can be seen conducting business talks on behalf of the company they represent. As such, they are mostly on a contractual basis and practice where their services are required. These include matters to do with banking, insolvency, real estate, mergers, and acquisitions. As such, most corporate lawyers earn well above $100,000 while others live below $70,000 per year, depending on the cases they’ve handled.

Corporate Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Tesla Corporate Lawyer $110K
Harvard University Corporate Lawyer $29K monthly
Samsung Electronics Corporate Lawyer $78K
LexisNexis Legal & Professional Corporate Lawyer $66 to $72 hourly
Morningstar Corporate Lawyer $97K to $105K

8. Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate legislation governs the purchase and sale of real property, which covers the land and any structures built on it. Real estate law covers deeds, property taxes, inheritance planning, zoning, and titles. Real estate lawyers ensure that proper processes are followed when buying or selling a house. Liability issues for appliances and decorations attached to the premises or structures are still present. They might also be interested in the zoning of a property.

State and city governments have different real estate rules. Attorneys must be qualified to operate in the state in which the transaction is taking place, and they must keep up with any state or local changes that may affect the transaction. Due to license checks and renewals, a real estate lawyer can make away with $118,000 depending on the value of land he has interceded.

Real Estate Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Northwest Title Real Estate Attorney $70K
Wendy’s Real Estate Attorney $10 hourly
US General Services Administration Real Estate Attorney $115K
American Tower Real Estate Attorney $88K
DLA Piper Real Estate Attorney $128K

9. Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense lawyers are often regarded as saints or devils, depending on the party they choose to represent in court. They may represent the accused facing criminal charges, for instance, the defendant or the plaintiff in state, federal, and appellate courts. Their practice area contains the following: Investigate and interview witnesses in the case. Case law, rules, crime codes, and procedural law are all good places to start.

Following that, they will build a defense and formulate a case plan. Draft, register, and argue motions such as motions to dismiss and motions to reject for the defense to reach a plea agreement on minor charges. As such, they represent defendants in court, draft, register, and claim motions in bail release trials, plea bargains, trial, revocation hearings, appeals, and post-conviction remedies, among other things.

State-owned public defenders earn anywhere from $30,000 to $78,000. However, there are those that represent noble families and high billing clients in dire lawsuits that could earn twice as them.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Bronx Defenders Criminal Defense Attorney $49 hourly
US Army Criminal Defense Attorney $87K
State of Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney $62K
Disneyland Resort Criminal Defense Attorney $48K
Texas Attorney General Criminal Defense Attorney $109K

10. Bankruptcy Lawyers 

A bankruptcy lawyer assists clients in navigating court procedures aimed at reducing or eliminating debt or declaring bankruptcy. If you’ve had financial difficulties and are unable to pay your bills, a bankruptcy specialist can assist you in obtaining debt relief in the form of a restructuring plan or a bankruptcy discharge of your debts.

This type of lawyer will advise you on your bankruptcy eligibility, the different types of bankruptcy you can file, and which one is best for you. It’s an impediment that they perform well, as failure to do so may result in low returns. After all, their practice is much needed when clients are broke and at their most vulnerable position. Bankruptcy lawyers receive well over $130,000 on average as compensation for their services.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Robertson, Anschutz, Schneid, Crane & Partners Bankruptcy attorney $63K
Shapiro, Fishman & Gache Bankruptcy attorney $94K
Shapiro, Dicaro & Barak Bankruptcy attorney $70K
American Asset Management Services Bankruptcy attorney $44K
Foster Law Group Bankruptcy attorney 70K

Other Different Types of Lawyers

While not every law title is as glamorous as the overhyped Criminal law, there are other forms of law that make a decent amount of money. They may not be as popular as the ones highlighted above, but they certainly pay the bills to live as comfortably as you’d like.

1. Family and Divorce Lawyers

When relationships result in divorce, a divorce lawyer is the one who takes care of all the details related to the breakup. It addresses all aspects of divorce, including child care, property separation, and spousal benefits. In addition, if the couple has children, these attorneys will help with child custody and visitation rights for the adult who is no longer the primary guardian of the children. Marital arrangements and paternity fraud are also covered under family law.

Divorce attorneys help clients make sense of the problems they don’t want to think about during the trying and emotional periods that divorce brings. As you might have guessed, divorce settlements from notable and respectable people in the society tend to have better pay to the lawyer interceding between the ex-lovers. As such, family lawyers can make anywhere between $45K to $140K in a year.

Family and Divorce Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Mcllveen Family Law Firm Family Law Attorney $98K
E Jones & Associates Family Law Attorney $53K
Harris and Fraser Family Law Attorney $137K
MLG Law Group Family Law Attorney $39K
Family Law Firm Family Law Attorney $55K

2. Environmental Lawyers

Environmental law mostly dwells on moral norms of preservation and conservation rather than monetary fetches. It entails drafting environmental laws, providing advice to legislators at all levels of government, and developing new environmental laws and rules.

Environmental lawyers also help to coordinate environmental engagement and outreach activities, participate in public policy debates at conferences and research institutions, and support land management enterprise and property sales. They also aid in negotiating funding deals for solar energy companies, participating in public-private alliances dealing with emerging technology, and other fields of environmental law. Once that is done, they Consult with industries on how to deal with environmental regulations and document their environmental compliance.

A breach of this contract or failure to meet environmental compliances by some companies invokes class-action lawsuits that make up the majority of their salaries. As of 2021, the average salary of an environmental lawyer sums up to $120,000 annually.

Environmental Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Environmental Attorney $84K to $198K
Wilson Elser Environmental Law Attorney $80K to $120K
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott LLC Environmental Attorney $66K to $155K
Namati US Environmental Justice Law and Policy Fellow $37K to $65K
Marathon Petroleum Corporation Environmental Attorney $55K to $140K

3. Social Security Disability Lawyer

In disability insurance claims, Social Security disability attorneys often represent the less fortunate. It’s fairly simple and straightforward. Long-term and short-term disability insurances, war veteran’s disability care, special education, and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are some of the most common. If your application is dismissed and you wish to appeal, hiring a lawyer will increase your odds of success significantly. Since they are an integral part of society, the average salary of a social security disability lawyer approximates $100K annually.

Social Security Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
The Law Offices of Lannella and Mummolo Social Security Disability Attorney $57K to $61K
Urban Justice Center Disability Appeals Staff Attorney private

4. Government Lawyer

A government lawyer is a lawyer who works for the government, whether at the local, state, or federal level. They represent the governing body that hires them, depending on the region. As state lawyers, judges, and solicitors, they primarily offer legal representation in the general interest or represent the government in court.

A government prosecutor may take several distinct characters, such as litigation attorney, in-house attorney, legal representative, and legal counsel. Each is in charge of conducting research, planning, and drafting subordinate laws, as well as supervising senior government personnel in the preparation of proposed bills and debates. They can also assist in civil and criminal cases, as well as advise government representatives on a range of legal matters such as tax, environmental, discrimination, jobs, and justice legislation.

The salaries of government associates vary depending on the country in which they are stationed. However, the actual figures remain private and confidential as with most government jobs.

Government Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Koprince Law LLC Part-time contract federal government contracts attorney Private and confidential
Govt of the UK, Brighton Government and Government Relations Attorney Private and confidential
Govt of the US, Sinajana Government and Government Relations Attorney Private and confidential


Govt of the US, Tulsa Government and Government Relations Attorney Private and confidential

5. Military Lawyer

A military lawyer may serve in any branch of the military, including the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force. With a few amendments, he/she might play a role close to that of a civilian lawyer. However, in order to truly grasp them, you must first understand that the military has a set of laws and regulations that its members must adhere to. There are certain circumstances under which a soldier may defy martial law but not civilian rules. Only a military jury will hear the appeal under such circumstances.

On the other hand, there are several crimes that break both civilian and military law as they are committed. In these cases, the convicted can be tried in either one of the courts. Charges may be brought in state or military court. Most lawyers working for the government military get an average stipend of about $80K to $150K a year

Military Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Govt of the US, Albany, NY Military Attorney confidential
US Army, Rock Island, IL Attorney Advisor General $34K-68K per year
US Army, Fort Riley, KS Supervisory Attorney-Adviser General $32K -$59K per year

6. Traffic/DUI Lawyer

Where there is a lack of expertise and professional training in DUI crimes, a traffic lawyer will step in to represent you. This ensures you won’t have to go to court and your solicitor will be able to defend you in court without your presence. Negotiations and plea bargaining with a counselor can be seen in traffic cases, even when you are facing serious felony charges. Trial-experienced traffic attorneys are much more likely to prevail at trial than the ordinary Joe or Jane.

They are highly requested for by drivers with lots of tickets or in cases where commercial drivers’ violations may lead to revocation of their licenses. Nonetheless, the cost of hiring an attorney may be as much as even more than the fine for a traffic violation, which defeats the purpose. Most people end up representing themselves or better yet, adhere to traffic rules and avoid the hassle altogether.

Traffic Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Bruce Robinson & Associates DUI/Criminal Attorney with Personal Injury $60K to $100K a year

7. Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning lawyers will assist you with drafting legally binding papers such as wills and permanent powers of attorney. Essentially, they exist to assist you in maintaining your assets, acting on your behalf to resolve issues when necessary, and ensuring that your will is carried out as planned when necessary. Probate is the term used to describe this procedure.

They are useful in creating any trusts you may require to secure your estate, both for your own benefit during your lifetime and for the benefit of your heirs after your death. They will also assist you with reducing or eliminating inheritance taxes in certain situations. We recommend hiring an estate planning attorney rather than a general practitioner. After all, we’re talking about the potential loss of your assets and net worth combined in one wrong move.

Estate Planning Lawyer Salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Downs Law Firm P.C Associate Estate Planning Attorney $58K-$83K a year
Brian M. Douglas & Associates Attorney- Estate Planning & Probate $70K – $90K
Confidential Financial Services Company Independent Contract Attorney/estate planning $82K – $96 per hour

8. Toxic Tort Lawyer

A toxic tort specialist is a lawyer who focuses on tort litigation and advises on toxic tort lawsuits directly. They mostly assist by keeping polluters and suppliers of hazardous chemicals responsible for their actions and recovering restitution for chemical pollution victims. As such, the lawyer mandated should have some background knowledge in toxicology. The complexity of these types of cases comes from the need to thoroughly analyze, research medical records to prove the client’s claims. In cases where the plaintiff gets intoxicated to the point of death, they may bring in a personal injury lawyer to file with claims.

A toxic tort lawyer, like any other lawyer, may choose to represent either the plaintiff or the corporation slapped with the lawsuit. In the case, of the latter, most corporations seek to settle the matter outside courts to avoid public embarrassment to their name.

Toxic Tort Lawyer Salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP Toxic Tort/Environmental Litigation Associate $89K – 198K
Goldberg Segalla LLP Attorney – Toxic Tort Associate $55K – 140K
Ascendo Resources Mass/Toxic Attorneys – Trial and Junior confidential

 9. Employment or Labor Lawyer

In both small family-run businesses and large corporations, striking a balance between employee and employer is critical. An employment lawyer weighs in on cases of misdemeanors including resource hiring, conduct, transfer, and workplace complaints to employment termination – either voluntarily or coerced. With the provision of the federal employment law in each country, this type of lawyer will ensure areas such as worker’s compensation, employment discrimination, labor relations, benefits, family, and medical leaves are all accounted for.

They also work hand in hand with the Human Resources manager to ensure cases of minimum wages and wrongful termination and handled swiftly.

Employment/Labor Lawyer Salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A Labor and Employment Attorney $73K to $125K
Olivarez Madruga Lemieux O’Neill, LLP Labor and Employment Attorney $72K to $125K
Wilshire Law Firm Labor & Employment Litigation Attorney $127K to $180K

 10. Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer similar to corporate

A merger or consolidation is a mechanism in which two entities combine and become a single new entity. On the other hand, acquisitions or takeovers refer to the mechanism by which one organization acquires the properties of another. A handshake with the promise of swift workflow cannot suffice in any merger as solid contracts need to be drafted and signed by both parties. Whether it’s a friendly merger or hostile takeover, oversight on the employees shouldn’t occur since they are part assets of either company.

In any case, the lawyers overseeing the mergers might involve copyright law, securities, and exchange as well as the federal trade commission. A deeper understanding between private and public acquisitions may also be required especially if the company trades publicly in the stocks market.

Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Dorsey & Whitney LLP Mergers & Acquisitions Associate $47K to 82K
Hogan Lovells Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions Associate $79K to $153K
Wegman Mergers & Acquisitions Partner/Counsel $54K to 82K

 11. Public interest Lawyer

Public interest legislation entails advocacy on behalf of low-income people and families who are facing legal issues. They basically focus on a wide range of civil rights topics, such as segregation based on race, sexuality, or sexual orientation; gender issues; disabled people’s rights, including physical or emotional disabilities; and issues surrounding human rights violations.

Many happy lawyers begin their careers in public interest law, acquire useful expertise, and then transition to the private sector. Even though they don’t earn as many medical malpractice lawyers, it’s restoring faith in human decency with their clients that brings them utmost joy.

Public Interest Lawyers salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Public interest Public Interest Law Attorney Private
UCLA Attorney Advisor, Public Interest and Public Service Private

12. Legal Malpractice Lawyer

In their practice, a lawyer has a set of laws to obey. They have a responsibility to adhere to those legal and technical norms. Failure to do so constitutes legal malpractice, and as a result, you can take legal action against them.

When a lawyer is negligent or violates a bond, the Bars Association Rules on Professional Conduct are broken. However, you might need to hire a new prosecutor to prosecute the first one. Only make sure it doesn’t turn into a doable lawsuit. Before you file for malpractice claims, you may want to brush up on terms such as commingling, conflict of interest, fiduciary, and neglect.

Legal Malpractice Lawyer salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Mayo Clinic Rochester Legal Specialist Private
Medical Malpractice Law Firm Associate Attorney $90K to $130K annually


13. Workers Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation law may sound a bit like employment law but differs on one account. It mostly sets up a system of rules and contingency plans designed to reimburse employees who are injured when doing job-related tasks for their expenditures. Similarly, they may be compensated for missed income, medical bills, disability benefits, and recovery and retraining costs. Most worker’s compensation laws are formulated by the government with coverage mandated to every registered firm.

Workers Compensation Lawyer salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Lex Recruiting Group Workers Compensation Attorney $401k
Law Firm, San Jose, CA Workers Compensation Attorney $125k to $200K
Young, Cohen & Durrett LLP Defense Workers Compensation associate attorney Private

14. Contract Lawyer

Contracts or binding agreements are normally drawn up when there are terms and details that need to be spelled out in black and out. A gentleman’s agreement sometimes called an oral contract is only valid when the parties involved show some decorum and integrity in honoring the terms stated. Failure to do so will involve a contract lawyer who may have to put it in writing.

His/her work is to draft a bill enforceable on all parties. Contracts, whether simple or complex are only valid on three accounts; when parties involved agree to the contract terms, a valid offer of acceptance as well as consideration. Similarly, all parties involved should be of sound mind before signing any legal form. Failure to do so invalidates the entire contract.

Contract Lawyer salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
JURISolutions Inc Commercial Contracts Attorney Private
Superior Executive and Legal Senior Contract Attorney Private
KLDiscovery Contract Attorney – Document Reviewer $26 per hour
Dept Housing & Community Dev Contract Attorney $39.25 per hour

15. Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation law varies closely with criminal law. The only difference is that neither party is facing criminal charges. As such, the civil litigation lawyer conducts stringent civil proceedings in court. Both lawyers representing their clients must meet the preponderance standard to convince the jury or adjudicator. Therefore, strong negotiation skills are incumbent in these sorts of matters. All disputes involving civil litigation or trial lawyer are normally resolved in court.

Cases may vary from simple to complex depending on the cooperation between the defendant and plaintiff. In the case of the latter, the trial lawyer may open an investigation, draft pleadings, and go through with the trial. If the verdict isn’t pleasing to either client, they may also file for an appeal and set the whole process in motion again.

Civil Litigation Lawyer salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Cohen Law Group 1st Year Associate Civil Litigation Attorney $50K to $60K
Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP Associate Attorney – General Litigation $85k to $140K

 16. Finance & Securities Lawyer

Finance & Securities lawyers are the most complex types of lawyers. They specialize on the complicated and ever-changing laws and regulations that govern financial investments. These include keeping up with economies and accounting practices to avoid misappropriation of overinflated asset evaluations. The overall concept stands at reducing fraud, market manipulation as well transparency, especially in publicly traded companies.

Finance & Securities Lawyer

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Pepper Hamilton Associate Attorney corporate and securities practice $176K annually
Loeb & Loeb Corporate/Securities Attorney $183K
Haynes and Boone Corporate and Securities Attorney $230K annually


17. Digital Media & Internet Lawyer

Digital media & internet law closely relates to intellectual property law. Lawyers who specialize in this legal branch mostly concern themselves with what can be published and broadcasted into the public domain. The known branches of media law include music, film & television, digital media, theatre, advertising and marketing. Areas under scrutiny with these types of lawyers mostly revolve around privacy and defamation cases. That being said, should you choose to hire a digital media & internet lawyer, pick one with excellent analytical and research skills.

Digital Media & Internet Lawyer salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Thelen Reid Brown Raysman & Steiner Attorney Telecommunications and Media $180K
The Walt Disney Company Associate Principal Counsel – Distribution Private


18. Entertainment Lawyer

Most professionals in the entertainment industry may offer the best base for an entertainment lawyer in private practice.   Artists and other creatives regularly feud with their agents, distributors, and record companies over publishing rights and other arrangements that have been violated. If this occurs, you can contact an entertainment attorney to re-negotiate terms or take court action against parties that have broken them. They can also assist clients in obtaining distribution rights for their artistic properties in the areas of film, music, comedy, print, and electronic media.

Entertainment Lawyer salaries

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Kamisar Legal Search Inc Partner-Level Entertainment, Music or Sports Law Attorney Private
Educational Media Foundation Entertainment and Media Attorney Private
Primedia Network Inc Entertainment Lawyer Private


20. General Practice Lawyer

To sum up, all the types of lawyers discussed above is the general practitioner who is a Jack/Jane of all trades. They also combine civil and criminal cases. These programs provide general legal services such as probate law, family law, contract law, and property law, among others.

They are more marketable overall if they have a diverse range of practice fields. In that regard, because of their lack of specialization, they have as much experience in all given areas. As a result, general practitioners command a high selling price for their services. A general practitioner in law earns an average of $119,500 per year.

General Practice Lawyers Salaries Table

Company Job Title Average Salary in USD
Milbank LLP Lawyer $234K
Stange Law Firm Lawyer $86K
Morrison & Foerster Lawyer $182K
Crate and Barrel Lawyer $207K

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