Sonia Sotomayor’s Education, Husband, and Facts. 

Image of the third female judge in the history, Sonia Sotomayor

Ever since the United States waived its flag of inclusivity, we’ve seen more incumbent officials taking positions of power. Sonia Sotomayor is one of the most experienced associate justices of the Supreme Court in America. It just so happens that she’s also Hispanic and the third female associate judge in history to take up the … Read more

Brett Kavanaugh Net Worth, Education

Image of an American associate judge at the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh

America’s Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and his merry band of eight associate judges have been at the forefront of high-publicity cases at the Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh is one of the eight and perhaps the most controversial associate judge nominated by former president Donald Trump back in 2018. However, outside his role from … Read more