Brett Kavanaugh Net Worth, Education

America’s Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and his merry band of eight associate judges have been at the forefront of high-publicity cases at the Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh is one of the eight and perhaps the most controversial associate judge nominated by former president Donald Trump back in 2018.

However, outside his role from the Supreme Court, he is a regular dad, no different from you and me. Here’s a closer look at Brett Kavanaugh’s net worth, wiki, education, and related controversies.

Who is Brett Kavanaugh? 

Brett Kavanaugh is an American associate judge at the Supreme Court and part-time lecturer at Harvard Law school. His professional career dates back to the early 90s, where he served as a law clerk to the third and ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judges Walter Stapleton and Alex Kozinski.

He would gradually ascend his payroll as a staff attorney in the U.S. Office of the Solicitor General in 1992. Many have termed his appointment by Donald Trump as the best fit owing to his experience in the Supreme Court.

Back in 1993, Kavanaugh had the opportunity to learn firsthand what the job entailed by clerking for Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, his predecessor. Frankly put, there was no one better qualified for Kennedy’s job than the guy he had molded for years.

Shortly after, in 1994, Kavanaugh got promoted to the General Counsel Judiciary Branch, where he served for three years. He would later ascend into the associate counsel for the Executive Branch. However, the icing on the cake finally came in 2003, where he served as an assistant to former President George W. Bush as the White House staff secretary.

The role would later spearhead his judicial career into that of a judge at Colombia Circuit’s Court of Appeal from 2006 to 2018. From here on out, he assumed his current position as an associate judge at the Supreme Court.

Brett Kavanaugh Net Worth

Brett Kavanaugh’s net worth has been the subject of many financial blogs ever since he got sworn in as a supreme court judge. Some sources have termed him as the poorest out of the eight court judges after his financial records came under the public eye.

Brett Kavanaugh’s net worth reach holds short of a million at approximately $942K. This is after factoring in his annual salary of $220,600 as a circuit judge and $27,490 while lecturing at the Harvard School of Law. Additionally, the figure also tallies $480K in government retirement accounts and $400K in home equity.

Image of an American associate judge at the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh
An American associate judge at the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh

Mirroring his colleagues in the same ranks, the average net worth of an associate Supreme Court judge boils down to $4.6 million. Brett Kavanaugh’s net worth falls far from this figure as some analysts report that he needs to work on a retirement plan. The reports also revealed their $1.2 million home in the suburbs Chevy, Chase M.D. as well as a nasty credit card debt of between $60K to $200K. As we speak, he currently earns a salary of about $255,300 each year.

Education and Early Life

Brett Kavanaugh joined the world of the living on February 12th, 1965, in Washington D.C. However, he grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, for the most part of his childhood. It’s also here that he got an early start at education upon attending the Georgetown Preparatory school. While at the institution, he was also prolific in sports as the captain of the basketball team as well as the wide receiver on the football team.

Kavanaugh currently tutors both his daughter’s basketball teams as their lead coach. Upon graduation in the year 1983, Brett proceeded to Yale University, where he would graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 1987. Three years later, he furthered his studies, earning him a Juris Doctorate degree from the same institution in 1990.

Family: Parents, Siblings

Brett Kavanaugh’s collegiate career choices weren’t made out within a spur of a moment. Instead, they were inspired by both of his parents. His father, Everett Edward Kavanaugh Jr., was a lawyer by profession. The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association also appointed him as their president, where he would serve as president for 20 years.

Image of renowned lawyer and Brett Kavanaugh's father, Everett Edward Kavanaugh Jr.
A successful lawyer and Brett Kavanaugh’s father, Everett Edward Kavanaugh Jr.

On the other hand, his mother, Martha Gamble, was a history teacher at Woodson and McKinley High School. She would, later on, chase after a career in law, serving as a Maryland Circuit Court judge upon graduation from American University in 1978. As the only child, his parent’s professions would then form the founding pillars of his majors at the University as he looked up to them.


Upon his appointment in 2018, a woman named Christine Blasey Ford filed sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh during their high school years. The altercation, which he denied and termed as ridiculous, allegedly happened while they were both under the influence of alcohol at a party. The highly contested trial quickly gained popularity over the eyes of the media and the world at large, sprouting an investigation by the FBI.

A few months later, two other women named Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick also came out accusing him of sexual assault. The former vividly recalled her alleged assault during their collegiate years under the influence of alcohol while at parties. The reports from the investigations, however, acquitted him of all charges. Nonetheless, some still believe that the investigation was fake, with witness tampering on the forefront by the FBI.

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