Marcia Clark Net Worth. Meet her Husband

During the murder trial of the famed basketball player, O.J. Simpson, there were those who believed he did it and others who shipped him innocent. Marcia Clark happened to fall on the prosecution side to ensure justice was served to the victims and their families.

However, as the lead prosecutor, she lost the case prompting her to quit her practice altogether while at her prime. Twenty-five years later, we catch up with her to find out what she’s been doing all these years.

Here’s Marcia Clark’s net worth, relationships, and husband’s highlighted.

Who is Marcia Clark? Career

Marcia Clark is an American author, TV correspondent, producer, and national prosecutor. However, before she turned prosecutor, she was initially a public defender with her jurisdiction in the state bar of California. As a graduate trainee, she got her first job in private practice in the City of Los Angeles in 1979. Clark worked in the district attorney’s office under the supervision of Harvey Giss.

It wasn’t until 1981 that she decided to become a full-on prosecutor. Other than the O.J. Simpson murder trial, Marcia’s other high-profile case involved the prosecution of Robert John Bardo for the murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer.

In 1997, she decided to quit her job as a prosecutor following what she terms as injustice in the courtroom. While most took this as her retirement plan from the law, Clark is still taking criminal appeals for the indigent once convicted of a felony.

Marcia Clark Net Worth and Salary

Marcia Clark’s net worth has her law career to thank for. She cashed out on the events that followed the murder trial to have her set for life. Perhaps her biggest takeaways come from her work as an author.

After collaborating with novelist, Teresa Carpenter, she published a book titled Without a Doubt that generated about $5 million. If you factor in current economic standards and inflation, the income stream totals about $7 million.

Image of TV correspondent, national prosecutor, Marcia Clark
An American author, also having her career as a TV correspondent, producer, and national prosecutor, Marcia Clark

The retired prosecutor has also been credited for her fictional work as an author. She currently has four books as part of her Samantha Brinkman series, as well as six titles for her Rachel Knight series. As she transitioned to her newfound career as an author, her net worth also increased. As we speak, Marcia Clark’s net worth tally’s to approximately $5 million.

The retired prosecutor also has her career in television to thank for her fortune. She’s been a television correspondent at Entertainment Tonight, Headline News, and Power of Attorney. On the other hand, her acting career is also on point when she starred in Pretty Little Liars. Clark also directed, hosted produced shows like The Fix, Pink Collar Crimes, and many more.

Marcia Clark was married to Gabriel Horowitz

Before her career skyrocketed, the only thing that was missing from Marcia Clark’s life was a good husband. She thought she met the love of her life back in college at UCLA, but he turned out to be something else. Gabriel Horowitz, an Israeli professional backgammon player, charmed her into a marriage in 1976.

Clark has often gone on record to state that she was young and naïve at the time because four years later, the couple got a “Tijuana divorce.” If that wasn’t enough anguish, she still had to deal with his outbursts that had her leaking her topless photos to the National Enquirer. Luckily for her, she got out of the marriage without any kids.

Marcia’s second husband, Gordon Clark

Clark wasted no time getting back into the relationship scene after her first marriage failed. She got married to her second husband, Gordon Clark, the same year her divorce was finalized(1980). Gordon was a nerd with a promising career. He was a computer programmer and systems administrator at the Church of Scientology.

With a promising career on both their parts, the couple decided on having two babies named Kyle Clark and Travis Clark. The former was born in 1990, followed closely by her last born in 1992.

Like her first marriage, Marcia’s second also ended in shambles following her divorce in 1995. She divorced Gordon four days before getting into the murder trial case. Unlike the former, however, this one ended in a nasty court battle over custody of the children. Things finally settled when she won the case and raised her babies in utmost privacy.

Is Marcia Clark Married now?

Some will say that Marcia Clark learned the hard way as she has never walked down another aisle into a marriage. While that may be true, that hasn’t stopped her from entering the dating world.

According to recent news, the author was linked with American lawyer Christopher Darden with the pair said to have been hooking up. The rumors seemed to have died down of late as she’s flown under the radar in her home in Calabasas, California.

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